Research Topics of Study: PhD Students

(co-supervision +)

Last update: January 2023

Student Topic of Study
Laurent M. Matuana, Ph.D. (Fonds FCAR Scholarship holder)
Wood-Fiber/PVC Composites and their Microcellular Foams, Sept. 1993 – May 1997
Now Professor at Michigan Tech University, Michigan, USA.
Amir H. Behravesh, Ph.D. (Iranian Government Scholarship holder) Extrusion Processing of Low-Density, Microcellular Foams, Sept. 1993 – Jan. 1998
Now Professor at Tarbiat Modarres University, Tehran, Iran.
Gene Zak, Ph.D. (NSERC PGS-B and OGS Scholarship holder) Rapid Layered Rapid Layered Manufacturing of Short-Fibre-Reinforced Parts, Jan. 1995 – Dec. 1998
Now Associate Professor at Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada.
Minhee Lee+, Ph.D. Extrusion of Polymers and Polymer Blends in the Presence of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide, Sept. 1995 – Dec. 1999
Now Vice President at LG Chemicals Inc., Korea.
Hani Naguib, Ph.D. (OGS Scholarship holder) Extrusion Processing for Extrusion Processing for Manufacture of Low-Density, Fine-Celled PP Foams, Sept. 1997 – Aug. 2001
Now Professor and Canada Research Chair at University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada.
Xiang Xu, Ph.D. (OGSST Scholarship and Connaught Scholarship holder)
Design of an Injection Molding System for Manufacture of Microcellular Plastics , Sept. 1998 – Sept. 2002
Now Engineer at GE Energy, Canada.
Remon Pop-Iliev, Ph.D. (NSERC PGS-B and PGS Scholarship holder)
Processing Integral-Skin Polyolefin Foams in Single-Charge Rotational Foam Molding , Jan. 1999 – Dec. 2002
Now Associate Professor at University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Canada.
Ghaus Rizvi, Ph.D. (OGS and OGSST Scholarship holder)
Development of Extrusion Processing Technology for Manufacture of Fine-Celled Plastic/Wood-Fiber Composite Foams , Jan. 1999 – Nov. 2002
Now Associate Professor at University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Canada.
Donglai Xu, Ph.D. The Role of Die Shape for Promoting Large Volume Expansion Ratios of the Extruded Foams , May 2000 – Nov. 2004
Now Manager at Dupont China.
Patrick Lee, Ph.D. (Ontario Government/Dupont Canada Scholarship holder)
Extrusion Processing of Low-Bulk Density, Microcellular, Open-Cell Thermoplastic Foams, Sept. 2001 – Nov. 2006
Now Assistant Professor at University of Toronto, Canada.
Gangjian Guo, Ph.D. (OGS and University of Toronto Top-Up Award holder, )
Development of Fine-Celled Bio-Fiber Composite Foams Using Physical Blowing Agents and Nano-Particles, Sept. 2001 – Aug. 2006
Now Assistant Professor at Bradley University, USA.
Guangming Li, Ph.D. (OGSST/Frank Howard Guest Graduate Bursary holder)
Thermodynamic Investigation of the Solubility of Physical Blowing Agents in Polymer Melts, Sept. 2002 – Mar. 2007 Now Engineer at Dow Chemical, USA.
Chunmin Wang, Ph.D. (Wallberg Fellowship and OGSSR/Dupont Scholarship holder/NSERC Post-doctoral Fellowship)
Fabrication of Microcellular Ceramics , Sept. 2002 – June 2007
Now Research Scientist at Sabic China.
Zhenjin Zhu, Ph.D. (OGSST/Frank Howard Guest Graduate Bursary holder)
Modeling of Cell Growth During Extrusion Foaming, Jan. 2002 – June 2007 Engineer at Husky Energy, Calgary, Canada.
Qingping Guo, Ph.D. (Wallberg Fellowship and OGSSR/Dupont Scholarship holder/NSERC Post-doctoral Fellowship)
Visualization of Polymer Foaming Using a Batch Foaming Simulation System, Sept. 2002 – Sept. 2007
Now Engineer at EHC Global.
Hyuck Sang Park+, Ph.D. Measurement of the Surface Tension of Polymer/Gas Solutions, Jan. 2003 – Sept. 2007
Now Engineer at Ener 1 Inc.
Mohamed Serry Ahmed, Ph.D. Design and Manufacturing of Novel Microcellular Acoustical Foams, Oct. 2004 – Oct. 2007
Now Assistant Professor at The American University of Cairo, Egypt.
Ming Fang, Ph.D. Rapid Manufacturing of a Metallic Product, Jan. 2003 – Feb. 2008
Now Engineer at GoldWind Sci. & Technology
Kevin Y.H. Lee, Ph.D. Microcellular Foaming of Nanocomposites, Sept. 2004 – April 2008
Now General Manager at Samsung Total Chemical.
Ryan Seong-Gi Kim, Ph.D. Foaming of TPV and TPO, Jan. 2004 – May 2008
Now Global R&D Director at Momentive.
Yao Gai Gary Li, Ph.D. Development of a Novel Apparatus for the PVT Visualization and Measurement of Polymer/Gas Solutions , Sept. 2003 – Sept. 2008
Now Business Owner in China.
John W.S. Lee, Ph.D. (OGSST/Dupont Scholarship holder)
Foaming in Structural Injection Molding using Pressure Profile, Sept. 2004 – Mar. 2009
Now a Research Engineer at LS Cable
Jingjing Zhang+, Ph.D. Foaming Behavior of Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) Blends, Jan. 2006 – Mar. 2009
Now Associate Professor at Guangdong University of Technology, China.
Qing Feng Wu+, Ph.D. Batch Foaming of PP with PDMS, Jan. 2006 – Mar. 2009
Now Accounting Officer and Researcher of Chinese Government Funding Agency.
Jing Wang, Ph.D. Rheology of Foaming Polymers and its Influence on Microcellular Processing, Mucell Injection Molding, Sept. 2004 – June 2009
Now the ADC Manager Asia/Pacific of EMS-CHEMIE (Suzhou) Ltd. in China.
Sunny Leung, Ph.D. (W. A. Miller/Ph.D. Graduate Student Scholarship holder)
Mechanisms of Cell Nucleation, Growth and Coarsening in Plastic Foaming: Theory, Simulation, and Experiment, Sept. 2004 – Aug. 2009
Now Assistant Professor at York University, Toronto, Canada.
Richard Eung Kee Lee, Ph.D. Novel Manufacturing Processes for Polymer Bead Foams, Cost-Effective EPP Technology, Sept. 2005 – Feb. 2010.
Now President of Doctor Foam, Toronto, Canada.
Mingyi Wang+, Ph.D. Extrusion Foaming of PP with PDMS, 2007-2010.
Now Associate Professor at Zhengzhou University of Light Industry, Zhengzhou, China.
Ying Zhang+, Ph.D. Property Characterization of PP and TPO Blends, Polyolefin Formulations for Improved Foaming: Effects of Molecular Structure and Material Properties, Sept. 2007 – Dec. 2012
Now Postdoctoral Fellow at RMC, Canada.
Nan Chen, Ph.D. Modeling of Cross-Linked PE Foaming in Injection Molding, Sept. 2005 – Dec. 2011
Now R&D Engineer at Solvay, Canada
Anson Wang, Ph.D. Visualization of Polymer Foaming Using a Batch Foaming Simulation System, Sept. 2006 – April 2012
Now Research Scientist at Dow Chemical Company, USA.
Peter Jung, Ph.D. Development of Innovative Gas-Assisted Foam Injection Molding Technology, Open-Cell Foaming in Injection Molding, Sept. 2007 – April 2013
Now Research Scientist at Lubrizol, USA.
Mohammad Monirul Hasan, Ph.D. A Systematic Study of Solubility of Physical Blowing Agents and Their Blends in Polymers and Their Nanocomposites, Jan. 2007 – June 2013
Now Product & Process Development Technologist at Industrial Thermo Polymers, Toronto, Canada
Hui Wang+, Ph.D. Extrusion Foaming and Bead Foaming of PEEK, Jan. 2009 – Aug. 2013 (CSC Scholarship – visiting)
Yanting Guo+, Ph.D. Bead Foaming of EPP, Jan. 2009 – Aug. 2013 (CSC Scholarship – visiting)
Mohammad reza Nofar, Ph.D. Foaming of Nanocomposites, Expanded PLA Bead Foaming: Analysis of Crystallization Kinetics and Development of a Novel Technology,  May 2009 – Aug. 2013
Now Associate Professor in the Chemical Engineering Department at Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
Sajjad Saeidlou+, Ph.D. Crystallization Kinetics, Structure And Applications of PLA Stereocomplexes, 2010-2014
Shahrzad Ghaffari Mosanenzadeh, Ph.D. Biobased Sound Insulation Foams, Sept. 2009 – April 2014
Raymond K.M. Chu, Ph.D. Foaming of Soft Thermoplastic Elastomers, Open-Cell Foaming with Injection Molding, Jan. 2008 – May 2014
Now Research Scientist at Sabic, The Netherlands
Nemat Hossieny, Ph.D. Development of Expanded Thermoplastic Polyurethane Bead Foams and Their Sintering Mechanism, May 2010 – Sept. 2014
Now Research Scientist at NatureWorks, USA.
Davoud Jahani, Ph.D. Injection Molded Thermoplastic Foams for Sound Insulation, Sep. 2009 – Nov. 2014
Now Assistant Professor at University of Bonab, Iran
Ali Rizvi, Ph.D. (NSERC Scholarship holder)
Functional Polymer Foams from In-situ Fibrillated Polymer Blends, April 2012 – Jan. 2015
Anna Zhao+, Ph.D. Foaming of Natural Fiber Composites, Sept. 2011 – Dec. 2015 (CSC Scholarship – visiting)
Weidan Ding, Ph.D. Natural Fiber Composite Foams, Jan. 2010 – Jan. 2016
Now Research Scientist, Dart, USA
Lun Howe Mark (OGS Scholarship holder)
Foam Injection Molding of PP Nanocomposites with Nanofibrils, Sept. 2010-present
Vahid Shaayegan, Ph.D. Investigation of Cell Nucleation and Growth in Foam Injection Molding through Visualization, May 2011 – July 2016
Now Principal Engineer, Cooper Standard, USA
Mehdi Saniei, Ph.D. Super-Insulation Nanocellular Foams, Sept. 2011 – Sept. 2017
Now Director of R&D and Intellectual Property, MuCell Extrusion, USA
Hassan Mahmood, Ph.D. Solubility of Polymer-Gas Systems, Sept. 2012-Sept. 2016
Now R&D Engineer, Honeywell, USA
Alireza Tabatabaei, Ph.D. In-situ Visualization and Quantification of Polymer Crystallization under Complex Flows during Foam Extrusion Processing, Sept. 2012-Sept. 2017
Now R&D Engineer, Woodbridge Foam, Waterloo, Canada
Kaveh Sarikhani+, Ph.D. Effect of Silica Nanoparticles on Interfacial Tension and Crystallization Behavior of Poly (Lactic Acid) Under the Influence of Compressed Carbon Dioxide, Sept. 2011- Mar. 2016
Sai Wang, Ph.D. (Chinese Government Scholarship holder)
Foaming Effects on Conductivity Percolation Threshold in Conductive Polymer Composites, Sept. 2012-Sept. 2020
Now Assistant Professor, ShenZhen Polytechnic, Guangdong, China
Piyapong Buahom, Ph.D. Theoretical Modeling and Optimization of Thermal Transport in Thermal Insulation Foams, May 2014 – Nov. 2022
Kier von Konigslow+, Ph.D. An Off-Lattice Derivation and Thermodynamic Consistency Considerations for the Sanchez-Lacombe Equation of State, Sept. 2013 – Oct. 2017
Sabapathy Sankarpandi+, Ph.D. Studies on CO2-induced Crystallization and Foaming Behavior of Poly(lactic Acid)/Clay Nanocomposites , Sept. 2013-Sept. 2018
Yasamin Kazemi, Ph.D. Conductive Polymer Composite Foam, Jan. 2014 – Sept. 2018
Now Senior Application Development Scientist, Polymers and Composites, Universal Matter, Canada
Sasan Rezaei, Ph.D. Development of Novel Hybrid Silica Aerogels with a Reticulated Structure Using New Generation of Macromolecular Precursors, Jan. 2014 – Sept. 2018
Now Senior Chemist, Cooper Standard, Canada
Pavani Cherukupally, Ph.D. Electrocoagulation and Polymer Adsorbent Filtration System for Oil Sands Tailings Treatment, May 2014 – Oct. 2018
Now Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Mechanical Engineering, MIT, USA
Mohammed Alshrah, Ph.D. Development of Lightweight Organic Aerogels for Thermal Insulation Applications, May 2014 – June 2018
Now Senior Scientist, TE Connectivity, USA
S. Mahdi Hamidinejad, Ph.D. Conductive Polymer Composites with Highly Filled Compound for Bipolar Plate Applications, Sept. 2015 -Jan 2019
Now Research Associate, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
Junghyub Lee, Ph.D. Foaming of High Service Temperature Sulphone Engineering Plastics, Jan. 2015 – Oct. 2022
Chongxiang Zhao, Ph.D. Manufacture and Characterization of Micro-/Nano-fibrillated Composites and Their Applications, Jan. 2015 – May 2021
Solmaz Karamikamkar, Ph.D. Hybrid Carbon-modified Polymer-based Silica Aerogels with Low Thermal Conductivity and Improved Mechanical Properties, Jan. 2016 – Jan. 2020
Now Polymer Scientist, Husky Technologies
Eunse Chang, Ph.D. Towards the Next Generation of Lightweight Polypropylene Composites with Well-balanced Mechanical Properties, Jan. 2016 – Nov. 2021
Shahriar Ghaffari Mosanenzadeh+, Ph.D. Multifunctional Super Thermally Insulating Polyimide Aerogels with Tailored Nanostructure Assembly and Enhanced Properties, May 2016 – May 2020
Chongda Vince Wang, Ph.D. Bubble Dynamics in High-Pressure Foam Injection Molding: A Theoretical and Experimental Investigation, Sept. 2016 – Jan. 2022
Mayesha Binte Mahmud (William Dunbar Memorial Scholarship holder) Nano-Fibril Nylon Nanocomposites, Sept. 2016 – present
Mehdi Ataei+, Ph.D. Multi-Physics Simulation of Foaming Phenomena, Jan. 2017 – June 2021
Now Engineer, Autodesk
Azadeh Zandieh (Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship) Investigating Thermal and Electrical Properties of Polymeric BNNT Nanocomposites, Feb. 2017 – present
Hamidreza Akrami Nanofibril Technology for ABS and PC Blends, Sept. 2017 – present
Andrew Anstey, Ph.D. Nanofibril Technology on biomedical application. Sept. 2018 – Oct. 2022
Maryam Fashandi, Ph.D. (Barbara and Frank Milligan Graduate Fellowship holder) Spinning of Aerogel based on Spinodal Decomposition, Sept. 2018 – June 2024
Sandra Romeo-Diez Visualization of Crystallization, Sept. 2018 – present
Mohammad Amin Jamshidi+ Conductive Polymer Composites, Sept. 2018 – present
Seyedshahabaldin Shahab Amirabadi, Ph.D. (William Dunbar Memorial Scholarship and Pierre Rivard Hydrogenics Graduate Fellowship holder) Development of not-burnable Thermoplastic Foams with Nanofibril Technology, Jan 2019 – Apr. 2024
Li Ma, Ph.D. Foaming Ability of Poly(Vinylidene Fluoride) (PVDF), May 2019 – Sept. 2023
Mahdi Zeidi Theoretical Modeling of Nanofibril Technology, May 2019 – present
Zeineb Ben Rejeb Flexible and Hydrophobic Ambient-DriedThiol-Based Bridged-Silica Aerogels, Sept. 2019 – present
Aniss Zaoui Toughening of Ceramics with Nanofibril Rubber, Sept. 2019 – present
Abdullah Faysal Multilayered Conductive Polymer Composites with High EMI Shielding Effectiveness and Low Conductive Percolation Threshold, Jan. 2020 – present
Omid Aghababaei Tafreshi, Ph.D. Multifunctional Aerogel Fibers/Films with Tailored Nanostructure Assembly and Enhanced Mechanical Performance as Super Thermal Insulation Layer in Functional Wearables, Jan. 2020 – Jan. 2024
Ali Reza Monfared Nanofibril Technology for Toughening and Foaming-ability Enhancement of Styrene-Acrylonitrile Copolymers, Jan. 2020 – present
Sara Mohseni Taromsari, Ph.D. Development of Multifunctional Nanostructures for Sensing Applications, Jan. 2020 – Jan. 2024
Meysam Salari, Ph.D. Multi-Scale Studies on EMI Shielding and Mechanical Properties of Graphene-Based Polymer Composites, Jan. 2020 – Jan. 2024
Behrang Mohajer Optimization of Polymeric Filaments in Spunbonding and Melt-Blowing Processes Using Dual Simulations: Volumetric and Molecular, May 2020 – present
Saadman Sakib Rahman Crosslinking of Nanofibril MA-TPEE in PMMA, Sept. 2020 – present
Mahmoud Embabi Multi-film with Nanofibrils and Visualization, Sept. 2020 – present
Mohamad Kheradmand Toughening of PE with Nanofibril Rubber, Jan. 2021- present
Amirmehdi Salehi AA-TPEE and Silane Crosslinking of POE or toughening PP, Jan. 2021- present
Mehran Ashourisanjani Mechanical and Electrical Properties of Micro/nano-structured Graphene-based Polymer Nanocomposites, Jan. 2021- present
Reza Rahmati High-Performance MXene-based Polymer Nanocomposites and Foams for Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Applications, Jan. 2021- present
Mohammad Mahdi Rastegardoost Development of High-triboelectric Fluoropolymers and Copolymers, Jan. 2021- present
Amirjalal Jalali Biocomposites and 3D Printing Foams, May 2021- present
Anthony Tuccitto Reinforced PLA, May 2021- present
Hosseinali Omranpourshhreza Aerogel Fiber Processing, Jan. 2022 – present