Research Topics of Study: MASc Students

(co-supervision +)

Last update: February 10, 2022

Student Topic of Study
John Mulrooney (NSERC PGS-A Scholarship holder)
An Investigation of a Sorption Apparatus to Measure the Solubility and Diffusivity of a Liquid Blowing Agent in a Polymer at an Elevated Pressure, 1993-95
Lewis K.K. Cheung (Connaught Scholarship holder)
Processing of Fine-Cell PP Foams in Extrusion, 1994-96
Vladimir Yevko Cladding Formation in Laser-Beam Fusion of Metal Powder, 1996-97
Anthony K. Yeung Development of Microcellular Foam Sheet Extrusion Systems, 1996-98
Fangyi Liu Processing of Polyethylene and Polypropylene Foams in Rotational Molding, 1996-98
Remon Pop-Iliev Processing of Fine-Cell Polypropylene Foams in Compounding-Based Rotational Foam Molding, 1997-99
Ghaus Rizvi Extrusion Foaming of Plastic/Wood-Fiber Composites Using a Chemical Blowing Agent, 1997-99
Dmitry Ladin (OGS Scholarship holder)
Study of the Rheological Properties of Polymer/Gas Solutions Based on a Foam Extrusion System, 1997-99
Simon S. Park (NSERC PGS-A Scholarship holder)
On-Line Measurement of the PVT Properties of Polymer/CO2 Solutions Using a Foam Extrusion System and a Gear Pump, 1997-99
Haiou Zhang Extrusion Foaming of Fine-Celled Plastic/Wood-Fiber Composites Using CO2 as a Blowing Agent, 1998-99
Marc Haberer (OGSST Scholarship holder)
Rapid Manufacturing of Fiber-reinforced Plastics, 1998-2000
Chris Ozolins Design and Construction of an Injection Foam Molding System, 1998-2001
Patrick Lee Open-Celled Foaming , 1999-2001
Esther Richards (Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship holder)
Measurement and Modeling of Thermodynamic Properties of Environmentally Safe Blowing Agents in Polymer Melts, 1999-2001
Linda Lin Foaming of Plastic/Wood-Fiber Composites Using a PBA, 1999-2001
Gangjian Guo Manufacture of Fine-Celled Wood-Fiber/Plastic Composite Foams Using CO2 as a PBA, 1999-2001
Qingping Guo Study of the Relationships Between PVT and Viscosity of Polymers and Predicting Viscosity of Polymer/Gas Systems, 2001-2002
Ming Fang Rapid Prototyping by Deposition of a Molten Metal Droplets, 2001-2002
Ning Dong Study of Fundamental Foaming Mechanisms in Chemical-Blowing-Agent Based Foaming Process, 2002-2003
Kyoung-Ho Lee (Goverment of Canada Awards holder)
Development of Metallocene Polyethylene Foams Using Rotational Molding and Compression Molding, 2002-2004
John W.S. Lee Foaming in Micro-Injection Molding , 2003-2004
Xindong Zhu Injection Molding of Microcellular Foams , 2002-2004
Kevin Y.H. Lee Microcellular Foaming of Nanocomposites , 2002-2004
Sue Chang Development of Highly Porous Nickel Materials, 2004-2006
Lilac Cuiling Wang Numerical Modeling of 3-Dimensional Polymer Melt Flow in a Cooling Extruder, 2004-2006
H-F Steven Wong Property Charaterization of TPO Foams, 2005-2007
Tara McCallum Property Characterization of TPO Blends, 2005-2007
Leanne Hua Wei Measurement of Surface Tension of Polymer/Gas Solutions, Sept. 2007-2009
Hongtao Zhang Scale-Up of Extrusion Foaming Process for Manufacture of Polystyrene Foams Using Carbon Dioxide 2008-2010
Kamlesh Majithiya The Effect of Molecular Weight on PP Foaming, 2009-2011
Ali Rizvi Improvement of the Foamability of PP and PLA by Increasing Their Elastic Property, 2010-2012 (changed his status to Fast Track PhD program in April 2012)
Hassan Mahood A Thermodynamic Investigation of the PVT, Solubility and Surface Tension of Polylactic Acid (PLA)/CO2 Mixtures, 2011-2012
Alireza Tabatabaei Visualization of the Crystallization In Foam Extrusion Process, 2010-2012
Mo Xu Development of Lightweight, Biodegradable Plastic Foam Fibres with Poly (Lactic) Acid-Clay Nanocomposite, 2010-2013
(One year off) Now Engineer at ABC Group
Junghyub Lee Effect of Rigid Amorphous Fraction on the Solubility of Physical Blowing Agent in Semi-Crystalline Polymers, 2012-2014
Eunse Chang The Effects of Uniaxial Strain on the Percolation Threshold of Fibers in Polymer Composites through Monte Carlo Simulation, 2012-2014
Seongsoo Bae Preparation of Polypropylene Foams with Micro/Nanocellular Morphology using a Sorbitol-based Nucleating Agent, 2012-2015
Zamil Andalib Increasing Void Fraction of the Polypropylene Foams Blown with Chemical Blowing Agents in High Temperature Extrusion. Currently, an engineer for Woodbrige Foam., Sept. 2013 – Sept. 2015
Palaniappan Arumugam Understanding the Fundamental Mechanisms of a Dynamic Micro-Bubble Generator for Water Processing and Cleaning Applications, Sept. 2013 – Oct. 2015
Chongda Wang Simulation of Cell Growth in High-Pressure Foam Injection Molding , Jan. 2014 – Sept. 2016
Shaojie Li+ Branched PLA, Sept. 2014 – Aug. 2016
Yu Guang Chen Modeling Cell Growth During Injection Modeling Process, Sept. 2016 – Present
Abu Naser Shahin In-situ Nano Fibrillation of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) in Polypropylene (PP) through Spunbond Process., Sept. 2017 – Aug. 2019
Jung Hyun Kim Nano Fibril Technology: Investigation of Superior Mechanical Properties of PP Homopolymer and PP Elastomer Self-reinforced Composites, Sept. 2017 – Jan. 2020
Hassan Alam An Off-Lattice Model of the Sanchez-Lacombe Equation of State for Polymers with Finite Flexibility, May 2018- May 2020
Peixuan Li Morphology and Mechanical Properties of In-situ Fibrillated Polyethylene Based Composites, Sept. 2019-Aug. 2020
Jeffrey Zuolong Chen Multi-layer Film Foam Extrusion, Jan. 2019-Nov. 2020