Research Topics of Study: MEng Students

(co-supervision +)

Last update: February 10, 2022

Student Topic of Study
Davood Paidar Design of a Sorption System for the Measurement of Solubility and Diffusivity of Water in Polymers (with Prof. R. Fenton), 1993-94
Arnold Chan Extrusion of Microcellular PS Filament and Fine-Cell Low-Density Polystyrene Sheet, 1995-96
Danister Abeygunawardana Rotational Molding Machine Design Using Axiomatic Design Concept, 1995-96
Deepak Fernandes Viscosity Analysis for Photopolymer and Short Glass-fiber Mixtures for a Stereolithographic System (with Prof. B. Benhabib) Jan.-Oct. 1995
Min Pan Measurement of the Rheological Properties of HDPE, 1996-97
Oxana Korienko A Nurbs-based Approach to Direct Slicing of Solid Models for Rapid Prototyping (with Prof. B. Benhabib), 1996-98
Ihab Naguib Determination of Optimum Orientation and Direct Slicing of Glass Fiber Reinforced Stereolithography Parts (with Prof. B. Benhabib), 1997-98
Tranal Chow Design of the Powder Composition Control and Delivery System for Laser Fusion Deposition (with Prof. T. Coyle), 1996-98
Alex Cunning Xie Injection Foam Molding of Polystyrene Using a Chemical Agent or Prefoamed Pellets , 1998-99
A. Ali Injection Mold: Design and Fabrication (An Independent Approach), Jan.-Aug. 2001
Rehan Khan Analysis of Foaming Behavior of PP, Jan.-Dec. 2001
Dong Bing Wang Injection Foam Molding with PBA, 2001-2002
Yean Cheang. Chew Compression Foam Molding, Jan.-Dec. 2002
Zhong Zhang Investigation of the Cell Nucleation Behaviors During Microcellular Foam Molding, May-Sept. 2002
Mandong Liao Study of the Effects of Mold Geometry on the Cell Morphology of Molded HIPS Foams, May-Sept. 2002
Agnes Tang Mechanical Properties of Microcellular Foams, May-Sept. 2002
Yunling Zhang Rotational Foam Molding of mPE, June-Sept. 2002
Yijie Huang Effect of Cell Density and Void Fraction on Tensile Behavior of Microcellular Polycarbonate Foam, 2001-2002
Xiaoyan Chen Adhesion Behaviors of Polyolefin to High Temperature Wall in Rotational Mold, Jan.-Dec. 2002
Linhai Zhan Development of a Take-up System for Polymer Foaming Sheet Process, 2002-2003
Yaojun Du Process Control for Manufacturing Microcellular Foams in a Developed Injection Molding System, 2002-2003
Rony I. Ruslan Processing Strategies to Produce Fine-Celled LLDPE Foams via ENGEL ES40TL Injection Molding Machine, 2002-2003
Kezi Qiu The Setup of Magnetic Suspension Balance and the Measurement of Gas Solubility in Polymer at Elevated Temperature and Pressure, 2002-2003
Hanjun Guo Development of the Extrusion Processing Technology for the Manufacture of Open-Celled Microcellular Foam Sheets, 2002-2003
Muhammad Ali Foaming of Plastic/Wood-Fiber Composite, 2002-2003
Robert Lee Strategies for Producing Microcellular, Low-Density Foams from Polyolefin Materials, 2002-2003
Jiaoting Janie Gu Foaming of Fine-celled Plastic/Wood-Fiber Composites, 2002-2003
Zhenchun Shi Visual Observation Apparatus Design in Simulating Microcellular Plastic Process, 2002-2003
Nilesh Bulsara Microcellular and Open-Celled LDPE-Based Foams Using CO2/Butane as Blowing Agent, 2002-2003
Lili Dong Differential Scanning Calorimeter Study of Thermal Decomposition of Cross-linking Agent, 2002-2003
Abdul Q.R. Syed Manufacturing Strategies for Producing Low-Density and Open-Celled Foams with Large Openings Using LDPE/PP Blending, Currently working with Sabic Canada,May-Aug. 2003
Huiying Yu Crystallization Kinetics and Melting Behaviours of HDPE Nanocomposite, May-Aug. 2003
XuSheng Zhang Process Study of a Microcellular Foam Injection Molding System, May-Aug. 2003
Maosheng Zhu Development of a Visualization System for Experimental Simulation of Foaming Processes, Jan.-Aug. 2013
Gary Li Accurate Gas Solubility in Polymer Melts Using Experimental and Theoretical Combined Approach at Elevated Temperature and Pressure, May-Aug. 2013
Sandeep Swaich Study of Compression Foam Molding of Metallocene Polyethylene, May-Aug. 2013
Jing Zhang Visual Observation and Computer Simulation of Plastic Foaming Processes, Jan.-Oct. 2013
Bin Huang Design of Visualization for Thermoplastic Cell Nucleation Process, 2002-2003
Ibrahim Basrawi Continuous Extrusion Foaming of Fine Cell Low Density Plastics/Woodfiber Composite, Jan.-Nov. 2003
Qi Shi The Effect of Talc for Achieving HDPE Microcellular Foams, May-Dec. 2003
Hong Jiang Fundamental Study of CBA-Blown Bubble Growth and Collapse Under Atmospheric Pressure, 2003-2004
Guangyu Yang Microcellular Ceramic Processing, 2003-2004
Atin Julka Effect of Screw Geometry on Melt Profile and the Manufacture of Low-Density Microcellular PC Foams Using CO2, Jan.-Apr. 2004
Rehan Shakeel Experimental Simulation of PS and CO2 with a High Pressure Drop Rate, Jan.-Apr. 2004
Wei Wang Process Control for the Advanced Structural Foam Molding System, Jan.-Apr. 2004
Sunny Leung Simulation of Cell Nucleation and Growth, Jan.-Aug. 2004
Cathy Tai Optimal Sintering Conditions for Polymer/nickel Powder Mixtures, May-Aug. 2004
Alka Dubey Solubility Study and Redesign of Extrusion Process, May-Aug. 2004
Fedir Gul PVT Measurement Using a Pendent Drop, May-Sept. 2004
Kui Shen Effects of the Convergent-Filamentary Die Geometry on Cell Nucleation and Volume Expansion of Extruded PS Foams Blown with CO2, Jan.-Sept. 2004
Yan Zhang Advanced Structural Foam Injection Molding Technology: Effect of Mold Geometry on HDPE Foams, Jan.-Sept. 2004
Jinghua Cai Advanced Structural Foam Molding System Modification and Experiments, Jan.-Sept. 2004
Liqun Li Study of CBA-Blown Bubble Nucleation and Life Span under Atmosphere and High Pressure Gas Environment, May-Dec. 2004
Xiaohai Ross Huang Measurement of Open-Cell Content of HMSPP, Hivalloy, and PS, Using Image Pro Plus, Water Method, and Pycnometer, 2004-2005
Manjit Birring Plastic Woodfiber Composite, 2004-2005
Xiaohe Wang Microcellular Ceramics, 2004-2005
Yong Hong Mei Cell Nucleation and Growth Study of PP Foaming in Batch Foam-Simulation System, 2005-2006
Khalid Idrees Determination of Shear Viscosity of PS with Different Blowing Agents, May-Dec. 2006
Junaid Iqbal Determination of Shear Viscosity of PS with Different Blowing Agents, May-Dec. 2006
Imran Hashimi DesignTransmission of Injection Molding Machine to Co-Injection Molding Machine Using Twin Shot Technique, Jan.-June 2007
Md. Kamrul Islam Conceptual Design of the Visualization Mold System for Advanced Structural Foam Molding Machine, Jan.-June 2007
Han Chong Chan Finite Element Analysis of Growth of Pre-existing Nano-Sized Cells in Heterogeneous Foaming System, Jan.-June 2007
Ankesh Siddhantakar Highly Porous Nickel Foam Using Surfactant Whipped Foam Technology, May-Nov. 2007
Ron Heesup Nam Challenge the Production of Structural Foams Using High Molecular Weight PP, Jan.-Aug. 2008
Osama Salama Designing and Manufacturing of Two Extrusion Moulds for Foam Film Processing, Jan.-Sept. 2008
Islam Shahid Development of Crosslinked Wood-Fiber/Elastomer Composite Foams, Jan.-Apr. 2009
Muhammad Irshad Generation of Microcellular Polymer Blend Foams with the Supercritical Fluid Technology, Jan.-Aug. 2009
Stephen Sim Extrusion Foaming Behaviors of Polypropylene/Nanocomposites, Apr.-Nov. 2009
M. Kashif Farooqui Processing and Characterization of Autoclave-Based EPP Beads, Jan.-Sept. 2010
Abhi Patel Processing and Characterization of Autoclave-Based EPP Beads, Jan.-Sept. 2010
Kun Lin Development of High Strength Microcellular Foams Using Polyether Block Amide, Apr.-Sept. 2010
Pouria Vahedi Influence of Carbon Nao Fiber on the Foaming Behavior of Polypropylene, Feb.-Oct. 2012
Rahul Sanjay Bhagat Using Polymeric Foams for the Treatment of Crude Oil Contaminated Water, Aug. 2014-Apr. 2015
Unnikrishnan Sanalkumar Visualization of Foam Injection Molding, Dec. 2014-Apr. 2015
Santhosh Santhanakrishnan Structure-Property Relationship for Foams, Dec. 2014-Apr. 2015
Aravintakshan Kolapakkam Ravichandran Property of In-situ Thermoplastic Composites and Foams, Jan. 2015-Apr. 2015
Xiangyu Qian Batch Foaming of Microcellular PS and PMMA Foam Using Clarifying Agent and Co-blowing Agent. Apr. 2015-Sept. 2015
Qian Xie Dynamic Solubility of Carbon Dioxide in Linear/Branched Polypropylene Melts, Feb. 2015-Sept. 2015
Jianyu Gong PLA Open-Cell Foaming, Jan. 2015-Nov. 2015
Goutham Shanmuga Sundaram Study of Packed Bed Reactors and Bubble Generators for Water Treatment Applications, Sept. 2015-Apr. 2016
Krishna Prasad Nagarajan Ramani Numerical Modeling of Cellular Foam Based Filtration System for Water Treatment, May 2015-Apr. 2016
Lokesh Chokanathan Adsorption-Separation Process Design Using Synthetic Polymer Foam Adsorbent, Oct. 2015-Apr. 2016
Kaitian Wang Foam Injection Molding of Conductive Polymer Composites, Aug. 2015-Sept. 2016
Hamid Reza Farrokhseresht On the Feasibility of Lab-Scale Electrocoagulation and Foam Based Adsorbent Filter for Emulsified Organic Material Removal from Wastewater, Jan. 2016-Sept. 2016
Wei Zhi Microcellular Foam Injection Molding of Thick Parts with Different Materials, Oct. 2015-Sept. 2016
Spencer Clark Process and Design Optimization for Using Structural Foams in Thin Moulded, Visually Critical, Structures, Jan. 2016-Jan.2017
Qiyu Shi The Effect of The Foaming Temperature and Saturation TimeĀ on the Crystallization and Cellular Structures of Isotactic Polypropylene Foams, May 2016-May 2017
Qixuan Ma Investigation of the Thermal Behavior of Polystyrene during Cooling Stage in Foam Injection Molding Using Numerical Method, Sept. 2016-Sept.2017
Brian Li Oil in Water Emulsion, Jan. 2017-Jan. 2018
Feng Shi+ Aerogels, Sept. 2017-Sept. 2018
Li Ma Foam Injection Molding of PMMA, May 2018 – Jan. 2019