Lab Safety

MPML Safety Constitution By-Law (MSC-2014), 18 August 2014

  1. Every member of the MPML, the volunteer students, or any outside person has to pass the MIE online safety course before starting their research.
  2. No food and drink is allowed in MPML labs.
  3. Nano particles can only be kept in the MPML labs in their as received, original packaging. Nano particles can NOT be stored in plastic and/or zip-lock bags.
  4. Nano particles must not be stored in offices and should be kept in the designated storage area.
  5. All materials and chemicals, even in original packaging, should be stored in the storage area and not in the office space or the lab.
  6. All materials and chemicals must be appropriately labelled to let other people in the lab be aware of its content.
  7. Unidentifiable chemicals and materials will be disposed of in the appropriate MIE facility.
  8. Compounding, mixing, preparing master batch, solution mixing, and/or any other form of experiments related to nano particles in powder shape are not allowed at MPML. A master batch must be obtained from professional companies in order for you to perform experiments related to nano particles.
  9. MPML equipment is only for MPML and SAPL students; hence no one other than these groups is permitted to use MPML facilities without permission from Prof. Park.
  10. All internship and summer students are the responsibility of their respective supervisors. Any violation of the rules committed by trainees would be the responsibility of their supervisors.
  11. Do not wear lab gear (lab coat and used gloves) outside of the lab.
  12. All gas cylinders should be supported properly, one gas cylinder per support harness.
  13. It is the graduate student’s responsibility to consider all his/her research “health and safety” precautions before performing the research.
  14. You are responsible for notifying the students and personal around you regarding any hazard, including extensive noise or smoke, your experiment might pose. This would ensure peace of mind in the lab.
  15. Be transparent in terms of running experiments and using chemical and materials.
  16. No one is permitted to interfere in, simulate, use other researchers’ materials, and/or repeat someone else’s research/ results/ developed procedure till the results are published.
  17. Any type of un-approved research and/or generated results beyond MPML equipment potential capabilities will not be published and will be treated seriously.


Cleaning Routine and Tool Organization, 18 August 2014

  1. All tools are shared properties of MPML. Designated tool boxes are supposed to be a safe box. There is no justification of having tools on hold at offices, desks, or personal research work.
  2. MPML researchers are committed to clean their work area properly at the end of the day. It is acceptable to leave equipment and necessary accessories at your work station if your experiment takes more than a day, but you are still responsible for cleaning non-essential items, such as pellets, dirt, used gloves, purged material, leftover chemicals, leftover packaging, etc.
  3. All tools should be returned into red tool boxes, designed for each research group, before leaving Labs.
  4. All equipment such as measuring balance, DSC lead/pan, weighing balance, suspension web, syringe pump, rheology mold, and so forth are a shared property of MPML and belong to no one personal.
  5. Specific equipment designed for specific research such designed molds, designed cavity or gate, etc. and specific materials purchased for certain research is NOT shared (and subjected to permission) till the end of that specific research.
  6. No one is allowed to use or borrow others’ researcher specific equipment and/or materials without permission.
  7. Cleaning and regular maintenance of all Labs including storage room is a shared responsibility.
  8. Weekly Lab manager will be responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the Lab by enforcing above mentioned rules.
  9. Any ongoing issue at the end of the weekly Lab manager tenure must be clearly notified to the new Lab manager.




Safety Managers

  • 2018.03-present: Ali Zolali, Solmaz Karamikamkar
  • 2016-2018.03: Mohammed Alshrah, Solmaz Karamikamkar
  • 2011-2015: Vahid Shaayegan, Hassan Mahmood


Last update: November 11, 2017