Facilities: Characterization Equipment



3 Foaming simulation systems with visualization: This system captures in situ visualization of batch foaming process.


2 Magnetic suspension balances (MSB): This system measures volume sorption isotherms of gas in polymer melts using the gravimetric method.


1 PVT measurement system: This system measures volume swelling and surface tension of polymer-gas mixtures at high temperatures and pressures using a pendant/sessile drop technique.

1 Scanning electron microscopy (SEM): This system captures high-quality images of internal structures of composites, blends, and foamed products at high magnifications.



1 hot-stage optical microscope with image processing
1 rotational stress rheometer
1 rotational strain rheometer (ARES)
1 on-line slit rheological die 2 melt flow indexers
1 high-pressure differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and 2 regular DSC
1 thermal mechanical analyzer
1 dynamic mechanical analyzer
1 3D Modeler rapid prototyping machine
1 microsopy image processing system
1 surface roughness tester
1 thermal gravimetric analyzer 3 pycnometers
1 density measuring device
1 Instron micro-mechanical tester
1 Instron drop weight impact test machine