Dr. Byung Gwan Hyun

Microcellular Plastics Manufacturing Laboratory (MPML)
Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
University of Toronto, 5 King’s College Rd, Toronto, ON, Canada


Office location: RS316
Email: bghyun@mie.utoronto.ca

Research Interests
– Formation and Characterization of Functional Micro-/Nanofibers
– Functional Composites and Foams for Electrionics (high-k, low CTE, or EMI shielding)
– Wireless, Transparent, and Wearable Electronics using Functional Nanofibers, Composites, or Foams. 


Education and Professional Experience

2018.03 ~ Present 

Postdoctoral Fellow in Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, University of Toronto, Canada
Functional Composite Foams and Their Applications

2017.09 ~ 2018.02 

Postdoctoral Fellow in Materials Science and Engineering, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), Republic of Korea
Invisible and Self-Healable Nanofiber Networks

2013.08 ~ 2017.08   

Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engieering, UNIST, Republic of Korea 
Functional Nanofiber-Based Wearable Devices

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